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Akmazian is an alleged terrorist that hides out in the abandoned EOS 10 cargo bay. He was previously a spy with the Alliance. His real name is Ben, which is the name his alternate reality self goes by. He also enjoys being called mommy


Akmazian is widely known as the Destroyer of Stars (Destroyer, for short) - a terrorist who committed genocide and destroyed the entire Adrarian Sector. Akmazian claims innocence, pointing to an Alliance conspiracy that has framed him.

Akmazian mainly deals in black-market trade. He was introduced in the episode Akmazian (S1 E5) as one of Levi's contacts. Akmazian strikes a deal with Ryan, in which he will release the vaccine to a plague threatening forty billion people if Ryan keeps his presence secret on EOS 10.


Akmazian had a huge crush on Ryan. Jane used this information to her advantage to smuggle a pet for Ryan. Akmazian and Ryan spent a lot of time alone together on Akmazian's ship The Silent Storm. They reportedly kissed and shared a 'complicated' relationship, but Ryan was hopeful that they could have a future together. However, due to the events of season three, this relationship was tragically cut short.


  • He knows where Ryan's eyes are and doesn't care
  • He is a fan of shadow puppets
  • He is über gay
  • His Texan accent is fake
  • Due to his voice actor being fired after sexual harassment allegations between seasons two and three, the character of Akmazian is unlikely to ever return. See Ben for his alternate reality self.